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and COVID-19

We at RAGE! KC would like to send out our sincere wish that everyone stay safe during these trying times. We hope to be able to offer you some simple and fun relief…We want you to leave us happier and healthier than before... 


Rest assured, we have made your safety, and that of our staff a priority so that we can all still have fun, vent a little, and so our people can still work and provide for their families. 


RAGE! KC is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for our team members and helping our customers to do the same. As such, we are closely monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 threat and acting according to the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). We want to share with you the actions we are taking to help protect our employees and customers.


We’ve advised our team members to follow the public health guidance regarding hygiene and personal travel, and are encouraging team members who exhibit any symptoms of sickness to stay home and consult with a medical professional. 


We want to you to know exactly what we are doing to maintain the highest safety standards. 


Our enhanced safety measures include:


• Maintaining vigorous cleaning practices and sanitizing surfaces across the facility including, but not limited to, door handles, bathroom surfaces, table tops, gaming equipment, pens, face masks, weapons, etc.  


• Reinforcing good hygiene practices. Hands washed frequently. Masking. Nose and mouth covered with tissues if they have to sneeze or cough. Keeping hand sanitizer of at least 60% alcohol content available for staff and guests.

• Face masks / shields are thoroughly sanitized immediately after every use. Coveralls and gloves are worn once and then sanitized with both steam and a sanitizing light wand.


Please, if you have made an appointment and any of the following are true, we will gladly reschedule no charge.


•    Guests who have traveled outside the country within the past 21 days


•    Guests who exhibit any symptoms of sickness.


•    Guests who are traveling to or from severely impacted areas


•    Anyone who can’t complete their trip due to travel restrictions


We will remain vigilant with CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) updates and follow their science based recommendations to keep our customers and staff as safe as can be. We believe our business to be as safe or safer than any grocery store or any other business that is open during these difficult times. We pride ourselves on getting it right by going the extra mile to provide the best experience you can have. We understand FOMO (Fear of missing out) but we beg of you, if you are ill or experiencing any symptoms to please stay home and reschedule. 

Thank you and stay safe,

Rage! KC staff and management

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