If you have a *larger group or *party and you would like to book our entire facility for your special event it's no problem... Just go to "Book Now" and select "Both rooms" on a time slot where both rooms are available for the amount of time you need the place.

(Minimum 1 hour / $30 per hour plus bags.)

Enter your number of *players. Select at least 1 "Standard", "Bats and Clubs", or "Premium" bag per player. Included you will have complete access to both of our rage rooms, the pool table, a 6000 + video game console, the kitchen service area and plenty of plush seating in a private and socially distant compliant area with plenty of room to stretch out, have dessert, wine, beer or champaign, open gifts, or just sit and shoot the breeze together... 

Holiday Decked
Our Lobby

*Limit 10 people.

Think about bringing a change of shoes, especially if you're going open toed!